Protein Cake Pops are a thing now…

You read that correctly…Optimum Nutrition Cake bites

Cake pops are now made by

Optimum Nutrition as a healthy junk food.

These healthy cake pops are packed with 20 grams of whey protein isolate!birthday cake protein

Three GREAT Flavors!

Birthday Cake

Chocolate Dipped Cherrycake bites chocolate dipped cherry

Red Velvet

Great Macros!

20g Protein

25g Carb

7g Fat

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You can order a whole box for 20 bucks!! protein cake balls

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These Protein Cake Bites Have GREAT Customer Reviews!

The Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites are light and fluffy and have a great taste.

Many people customers can’t believe that by eating these, they’re not

cheating on their diet!

cake bite proteinOptimum Nutrition has really done it!

Protein cake pops are only 240 calories with a great line up of macros.

They are a delicious sweet treat with a whipped, soft protein center and a smooth coating.




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